Amazing DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects You Can Get Ideas And Inspiration From

Following the success of our most recent DIY collection of 22 Genius Handmade Pallet Furniture Designs That You Can Make By Yourselfwe have decided to find some more amazing DIY ideas that you can get inspiration from, this time in the form of reclaimed wood projects. 


Welcome to our latest collection of 18 Amazing DIY Reclaimed Wood Projects You Can Get Ideas And Inspiration From in which we are going to provide you with a lot of ideas from which you can get inspiration to create your own designs.
First, you will need to find some old wood pieces that you probably have a lot of that are only collecting dust and taking up valuable space. Well, now you will know how to turn them into something useful which will really fit in your home especially if it is designed in the rustic style.

For example, you can make yourself a coffee table for your rustic living room or a wine rack for your rustic kitchenThere are all kinds of projects which means that some will be easier to make than others, for example you can craft yourself a simple home address plaques for your rustic exterior or if you are a bit more experienced in carpentry you can actually make yourself a bed from reclaimed wood for your rustic bedroomEnjoy!

Personalized Mail Organizer from Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed Wood Wine Rack

Hand made reclaimed wood home address plaques


Reclaimed Wood Clock

Reclaimed Wood Bookcase, Storage and Shelving Unit

Rustic Wooden Ottoman Tray

Reclaimed Wood Desk

Rustic Wall Mounted Magazine Holder and Mail organizer

Reclaimed wood plank table on a square ‘Rumbus’ base

Reclaimed Wood  Shelving Unit