A Rustic Perennial Paradise

A Rustic Perennial Paradise

Many gardeners dream of taking their passion and turning it into a business, and over the years that is exactly what Lorraine and RJ Roberts of Caledon, Ontario did. When they purchased their 24-acre property in 1999, there were no gardens at all – just trees, grass, and a house. Season by season, they grew thousands of perennials and established new beds until Plant Paradise Country Gardens, an organic botanical garden and perennial nursery, was born.


“Gardening is my passion,” says Lorraine Roberts. “It’s always been in my DNA.” Former recording artists Lorraine and RJ Roberts have plenty of experience making a living doing something they love. Over the course of their successful musical careers, gardening was a constant thread which grounded them and brought them together.

After purchasing their expansive creekside property, Roberts began growing thousands of perennials from seed. It was a joy for her to research the different varieties, acquire the seeds, and care for them until they were large enough to plant in the garden. “We used to joke that I was working on my retirement fund,” says Roberts.

Little did they realize how true that would become. As their recording careers were wrapping up in 2004, they looked around their property and realized they had so many potted plants needing dividing that it made sense to have a plant sale. It was a roaring success, with visitors to the garden declaring, “I’m in paradise!” The inspiration for their nursery and botanical garden was complete, and they devoted themselves full-time to their new endeavor.

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