6 Gardening Essentials

6 Gardening Essentials


Whether you’re a seasoned gardener, or you have a barely-green thumb, these pretty and practical tools will help you step up your game this spring.


Copper Plant Markers

Gracefully indicate your seedlings with these copper and galvanized wire posts. The kit comes with a grease pencil for effortless labeling (and re-labeling) and will add some nice sparkle to your yard or window box herb garden.


Makerskit DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

If you aren’t fully committed to getting down and dirty in the garden outside—or simply don’t have the luxury of a backyard—then this apartment-sized herb garden will not only add some interest to your window sill, but it’ll also jazz up your recipes with the addition of fresh flavors.


Ash Wood Garden Tools

A cute accessory that’s also easy to find buried in your tool bag, this mint-dipped wood-and-stainless-steel trowel and fork set covers the basics. These would make the perfect gift for any gardener because no matter what, anyone can use an upgrade.


RedHead Tools Essential Garden Toolkit

You will never have to buy another shovel again—seriously. This Lamborghini of all gardening kits comes with four attachments (spade shovel, flathead shovel, metal rake, and push broom), plus eight different handle variations that can be adjusted for every height and need. This set is an investment, but will last a lifetime.


Haws Slimcan 5-liter Graphite Watering Can

This classic-style watering can is a British favorite. It’s made of rust-resistant, galvanized steel, so leaving it outdoors is totally fine—just be sure to empty it out between watering. Bonus: the copper head can be turned up or taken off to adjust the flow of water to suit each plant’s individual needs.


Oak Wood Outdoor Planter

Add some height to your garden by planting perennials and greenery within this two-foot recycled oak barrel. It will offer a rustic vibe to your lawn as the wood and metal will weather beautifully.


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