Green House Design

Green House Design

Greenhouse design has come a long way in recent years, and the popularity of garden and temporary greenhouses continues to rise. There are several ways to approach starting up your own greenhouse, and with the help of this information, you can get going on the right foot.

Year-Round Gardening with a Greenhouse Kit

Even in the dead of winter you can keep on gardening with the help of a greenhouse kit. There are numerous companies that sell this type of structure and include several designs and options to choose from. One Colorado company, Growing Spaces, LLC., offers the Growing Dome. What’s unique about this greenhouse design is its geodesic dome structure. It also comes with a number of energy-efficient features, such as insulation on the north-facing wall, automatic window vents, an undersoil heating system and an insulated foundation wall.


Build Your Own

When building your own a greenhouse, you can choose from designs that offer different options as far as structures for different functions, including a freestanding greenhouse and attached (or lean-to) greenhouse. All the materials you will need to construct your greenhouse should be provided when you make the purchase, and generally come with ample instructions to ensure a proper build. Materials typically include a framing guide, cap and trim system install manual, or base and cap installation manual.

Energy-Efficiency in Your Greenhouse

Consumers today are highly conscious of the need to conserve energy. Don’t forget this when considering the design for your greenhouse, as well as any greenhouse accessories. Consider the following areas to ensure you maximize your greenhouse energy efficiency:

  • Insulate the walls, particularly the north wall.
  • Insulate the foundation (Styrofoam board works well).
  • Use double or triple-glazing for the solar greenhouse windows, especially windows that open.
  • Seal all cracks, weather-strip all vents and doors.
  • Use thermal storage (rock, water, or other dense thermal material) to store incoming heat.
  • Install an air-lock entry, especially if you have a freestanding greenhouse or you use your greenhouse door frequently.
  • Situate the greenhouse correctly on your site (facing within 20 degrees either side of true south).
  • Consider a night curtain (insulating cover) that you draw across the greenhouse at night. This is appropriate for greenhouses in colder areas.

Whether you decide to buy a greenhouse design that’s pre-built or you do it yourself with a greenhouse kit, you’ll be pleased with the resulting ability to have a year-round place to garden.