Green Roofs

A green roof, or rooftop garden, is a vegetative layer grown on a rooftop. Green roofs provide shade and remove heat from the air through evapotranspiration, reducing temperatures of the roof surface and the surrounding air. On hot summer days, the surface temperature of a green roof can be cooler than the air temperature, whereas the surface of a conventional rooftop can be up to 90°F (50°C) warmer.1

Green roofs can be installed on a wide range of buildings, from industrial facilities to private residences. They can be as simple as a 2-inch covering of hardy groundcover or as complex as a fully accessible park complete with trees.

Enviromental Advantages

1. Air Quality

2. Biodiversity and Wildlife

3. Energy Conservation improved thermal performance

4. Green space

5. Health

6. Urban Heat Island Effect [albedo effect]

7. Noise and sound Insulation

8. Recycled Materials

9. Storm Water Amelioration


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