Grilling Tools for the Master Griller

As anyone knows, the master chef is an artist and artists must have their tools to create their art. I should mention that this article makes no distinction between a master chef who chooses to create his or her masterpieces by charcoal, or gas heat.

Tool Sets

There are so many different tool sets available that it makes for a tough decision, but a set of grilling tools must allow chefs to perform their magic without burning themselves. So grilling tools must be long enough to safely reach across the hot grill, while better sets hold up to the creative energy of master chefs.Grilling sets can be personalized. Better tools typically have heat resistant handles made from metal or with a wood inlay. These handles can be engraved with the chef’s name and should you wish, the name of the establishment.


This is the area that usually separates the serious backyard chef from the weekender - from the practical to the gadget freak. Accessories really fall into one of two classes, those necessary for cooking - used by the master chef to create his or her masterpieces - and/or those that fulfill some need. I let you decide.

The Smoker

In addition to, or instead of sauces, rubs, spices, many folks like the taste of smoked foods. To accommodate his or her aficionados, master chefs can employ the use of smokers-barbecues that are designed to cook food slowly to allow the food to be infused with the smoke flavor du jour. But for that backyard master chef who wishes to use the standard grill to smoke food, there are various flawored wood chips to smolder—pecan, mesquite, hickory, cherry, apple wood to name a few.

And Let Us Not Forget

There are beer chicken cookers, the pig-shaped mini barbecue to accommodate overflow, and of course, there is the full sized pig shaped barbecue. There are cook books,curring boards-standard and pig-shaped, and how can you be without pig-shaped serving plates. And let us not forget - the true culinary artist can personalized his or her masterpiece by signing it.


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