How to Organize Clothing

f your dresser drawers won’t shut or you can’t find a thing to wear in your closet, it’s time to get organized! Follow these tips to get started.

Organizing a Dresser

How to Get It Organized:

  1. Label the boxes “give away,” “throw away,” “repair,” and “put away” (for items that don’t belong in the dresser at all).
  2. Start with the sock drawer. Empty the drawer and place the Sock Organizer in the space. (You can use any small box, such as a shoe box or photo storage box, for nearly the same effect.)
  3. Return socks to the drawer, putting one pair in each compartment (or fill – but not overfill – smaller boxes with matching pairs, rolling them together so you can see everything in the box at a glance.)
  4. Throw away any socks with holes, worn spots, or bad elastic. If a sock does not have a mate, leave it out until you find one.
  5. Next, move on to the lingerie or underwear drawer. Use a Drawer Cubicle to keep undergarments neatly folded and easy to find. Get rid of anything that does not fit or you do not wear.
  6. Work your way through the remaining drawers, sorting into the boxes as you go. Each drawer should close neatly and easily. If it doesn’t, continue to sort through and get rid of clothing until the drawer slides easily in and out, and you’re left with only your best loved items!

Organizing a Closet

How to Get It Organized:

  1. Label the boxes “give away,” “throw away,” “repair,” and “put away.”
  2. Start by clearing the floor. Move everything directly into one of the three boxes, putting anything that does not belong in your closet into the “put away” bin.
  3. Fold out-of-season clothes neatly and place them in Clothing_Storage_Bins. These bins are breathable to protect your clothing and clear so you can see what’s inside. If you don’t have clothing storage bins, put the folded clothes in any clean box. Label the box clearly on all four sides.
  4. As you remove each clothing item, ask yourself if you still like it. Have you worn it at least once in the past year? Do you have other similar items that you like more? Get rid of duplicate items, clothes you no longer love, and anything that doesn’t fit by sorting them directly into labeled boxes. Anything in need of repair should go into the “repair” box. Place clothes that you are keeping in a neat pile on the bed.
  5. Once you have emptied the closet, hang a Double Up Adjustable Closet Rod on the existing rod. This literally doubles the amount of hanging space that you have. Adjust it so that there is still room on one side for longer items, such as dresses or coats, to hang freely.
  6. Hang the clothes that you will keep on non-slip hangers (or simply reuse the ones you already have).
  7. Return them to the closet and hang them in groups based on characteristics. For example, hang shirts on the top rack, with pants and skirts hanging below them on the second rod. Longer items should hang to one side of the second rack. You can also group your clothing by type. For example, make groups of dress clothes, work clothes, lounging clothes, etc.
  8. Move the clothing storage bins to the floor of the closet (or under the bed), placing them neatly where you have room.
  9. Place shoes in a shoe organizer and hang it on the rod or from a hook on the back of the closet door.
  10. Line up purses or other accessories on the top shelf.
  11. If you have trouble fitting everything back in the closet, you need to go back through and get rid of a few items or find somewhere else to store them. If there’s not a place for everything in your closet, it will quickly grow out of control again!

Additional Tips and Advice

  • When you organize clothing, don’t forget to consider the room you’ll need for items in the laundry or at the dry cleaners.
  • Even if you can’t buy organizers, you can still gain control over the space. Start by getting rid of everything you don’t love/need.
  • When you place clothing in drawers, group all similar items together. If you have sets, such as pajamas, keep them together.
  • Maintenance is the key! Keep your clothes organized and you will naturally get rid of stuff that you don’t love just to keep it from crowding the space.
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