How to Organize Your Bathroom Closet


Typically, storage space in bathrooms is slim – maybe a medicine cabinet, and a couple of drawers and cupboards placed under and to either side of the sink. That can suffice if there are no more than two people in your family and you have no overnight guests. For the rest of us, it’s difficult to find a place to stack our folded towels, face cloths, extra rolls of toilet paper, and all the rest. (By the way, besides having spare rolls in storage and the usual roll available next to the toilet, it’s a good idea to have a second roll of paper nearby at hand for when you’ve got visitors and the first roll unexpectedly runs out.)

Organizing your Bathroom Closets

If there’s insufficient storage space in the closet for towels, you can purchase any of a number of over-door racks, hooks, or shelves that will hold several towels. If you haven’t got an overhead cupboard in your bathroom, look for a space where you can put one. Other ideas:

  • Empty all drawers and cabinets, placing the contents into one or more boxes. Now return the items to the drawers and cabinets, but only after weeding out what you absolutely do not need in the bathroom and putting the ones you do in better order.
  • Use drawer dividers to separate items by function.
  • Put items that need to be visible but sterile, such as cotton swabs, in transparent glass bottles or jars.
  • Fold and arrange linens by size, type and color and stack them neatly. Place small or loose items in a small basket or plastic container. If there is no room in the bathroom for it, store the basket in some other part of the house; bring it into the bathroom only when you need it.
  • Throw out:
    • Bottles holding less than is worth saving
    • Samples of things you will never use
    • Makeup kits in colors that have never worked for you
    • Expired medications
    • Tub toys that are mildewed
    • Old toothbrushes.
  • First aid kits do not have to be in the bathroom. They should just be easily accessed in an emergency. Make a few kits and categorize them by function – one for sprains and bruises, one for minor cuts and scrapes, one for serious cuts and burns, etc. Put them someplace near a faucet and where it’s safe to bleed onto the tile floor, say, the kitchen.
  • Also make up kits of medications (these shouldn’t be in the bathroom in the first place) organized by malady: cold and flu, headache, GI problems, etc.
  • Keep all cleaning supplies together in a caddy tucked under the sink.
  • Think of all the things you do in the bathroom simply because there’s a mirror and good lighting in there. If you get yourself a good, well-lit makeup kit with mirror, you can keep all your makeup in there and pretty up yourself in the bedroom. Same for the hair dryer and electric shaver.
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