Most Functional Under The Stairs Storage Ideas That Will Delight You

Most Functional Under The Stairs Storage Ideas That Will Delight You

The space under the stairs usually remains untapped although it can be a very nice decorated. Shelves, extra storage space, desk and and a bicycle storage are just some of the ideas that you can achieve in your home and thus, save the free space. Today we are presenting you some examples that will inspire and encourage to decorate this, often neglected corner in very creative useful way.


Do you like to read and you are a passionate lover of books, but always arises: where to put all the books? Create a barrier of thin wooden panels and fill the entire space under the stairs – your new home library is ready. Under the stairs you can insert sliding shelves and pull-out drawers, and with them you will make a small storage room in which you can keep dishes, silverware, porcelain, dinner service, or you can add boxes and put inside bedding, seasonal clothing or things that are not in everyday use. If the space under the stairs involves greater height and width, you can safely install wardrobe. If that space is a little smaller, you can make simple shoe storage. In any case, the ladies will be delighted, because they will certainly have more storage space for their shoes and clothes. Get inspired and be creative.


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