Tips For Gardening On Your Balcony

Many of us live in big cities and don’t have a garden but have balconies.

  1. Find out the orientation and wind condition on your balcony and choose plants accordingly. The best plants for balconies are Japanese maple, lavender, roses, jasmine, oleander, geranium, photinias.
  2. Water your plants regularly. Your plants don’t have water reserves, so check them every time and put water your plants regularly.
  3. Use large containers for planting. The root system requires much space, so take pots with a minimum height of 50cm.
  4. Opt for long flowering plants with different blooming times. Roses, tulips, oleander, hibiscus, geranium are going to keep your balcony blooming.
  5. Invest in bulb plants, which easy to maintain.
  6. Choose rich soil and fertilize it to keep your plants growing.
  7. Play with colors, heights and volumes to get a diverse decorated balcony.

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